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Rush hour in the Yorkshire Dales



The Yorkshire Dales are a feast for all the senses - the colourful beauty of the wildflower meadows, the sounds of the varied birdsong, the rugged limestone pavement, the delicious local meats and cheeses … so good for your sense of wellbeing - you can’t help but relax and unwind here.


So much to see and do to explore and enjoy nature in the Yorkshire Dales. Below are a few ideas. For further details why not explore the National Park’s Nature in the Dales.


Red Squirrels

As a member of the Wensleydale Red Squirrel Group, we are delighted to sponsor the red squirrel food project with the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority at Snaizeholme near Hawes this last year. Visitors can enjoy the free viewpoint that offers an excellent chance of superb views of red squirrels as they visit a feeder in a woodland clearing. There is a 9.5 mile roundtrip walk from the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes or why not take advantage of the Little White Bus service from the museum. Alternatively walk there & catch the bus back! Full details including audio trail, maps, notes, bus timetable & lots more about the red squirrels can be found at Nature in the Dales.


The Yorkshire Dales Flowers of the Dales Festival

Co-ordinated by the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, the Flowers of the Dales Festival is a nature delight offering a fantastic range of over 120 events and activities from March to October throughout the Dales, all linked to wildflowers, wildflower habitats and the species they support. Look out for meadow walks, talks, identification courses, photography workshops and plenty of fun activities for kids. The Flowers of the Dales brochure is also in your cottage. You can also support projects such as the restoration of wildflower hay meadows by giving a Living Bouquet - a fresh alternative to a bunch of cut flowers. Instead of wilting in a vase, a Living Bouquet will last a lifetime.


Malham Cove Peregrine Watch

See the Malham Cove nesting peregrines at this famous limestone beauty spot. The RSPB and Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority run a viewpoint at Malham from April to August.


Falconry & Wild Boar at Bolton Castle

Bolton Castle is an amazing medieval castle to explore, where Mary Queen of Scots was held before her final trip to the Tower of London! Outside the castle is just as interesting. Witness the daily activities of magnificent flying displays from Hawks and Owls and experience the incredible sight of a falcon stooping to the lure against the spectacular backdrop of the Castle. Experience the excitement of Wild Boar feeding time and visit the rare Wensleydale sheep and the bees in their hives.


Nature through the Year

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority have produced a series of leaflets as to what to look out for in the changing seasons - such as the spring lambs, the wildflower meadows in June, the purple heather in August/September, red squirrels even in winter! Click on the image to download.