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Access Statements



To be recognised within the VisitBritain Quality Assessment Scheme holiday cottage owners must provide an adequate Access Statement which is a mandatory part of the quality assessment scheme. The access statement is intended to provide a clear, accurate and above all honest description of the accommodation, current facilities and the services on offer. This allows potential visitors to make an informed decision as to whether the property and services meet their needs.


The Access Statement goes further by helping to manage expectations by providing a statement of intent and a commitment to providing quality to a guest experience. The value to guests is that anyone with a specific access requirement will certainly benefit from the clear and informed detail about the property.

Cottage in the Dales : Access Statements


Below you have a choice of either summarised or detailed versions of the Access Statement for each of our cottages.


Cottage in the Dales Summary


We have two 18th century stone-built terraced cottages. Each cottage is an end of terrace two storey cottage built of stone under a stone slate roof and are over 250 years old. As such modern building policy, regulations and design gives way to their 18th century construction, heritage, charm, character and features.


While our cottages have been modernised and refurbished for today's comforts, the intrinsic design is still maintained. It is therefore inevitable that our cottages may present a challenge for the less able bodied who require more modern day access design and aids, and specifically if reliant on a wheelchair for mobility.


Both cottages are two storeys, both having staircases (13 steps) with banisters. Each cottage has a variety of other steps that feed access between rooms, the gardens and to and from the street. Both cottages are managed locally by our caretaker who is able to answer questions prior to arrival and during your stay.


Inglenook Cottage Summary


Inglenook has off-street parking. The courtyard is large enough to hold two reasonably large cars and accessed only through a double-gated entrance. Inglenook Cottage has a straight staircase with banister on the right as you ascend. This provides access to both bedrooms and the bathroom from a small landing. The ground floor and first floor are all level.


From the courtyard Inglenook Cottage has three steps down through the back door to the kitchen. Outside the back door is a raised patio area and is accessed by a small set of steps (5) up from the courtyard. From the courtyard a set of stone steps (14) rises through terraces leading to the garden, part of which is on a gentle slope. These steps rise through three levels and turn through 90 degrees four times. Access from the street to the front door is via a small walled front garden and up one small step.


The Byre Summary


The Byre has off-street parking. The courtyard is large enough to hold two large cars and accessed via a wide drive and 5 bar gate. The Byre has a straight staircase with banister on the right as you ascend. This provides access to the bedroom and the bathroom. The ground floor is level throughout. There is one step up from the bedroom to the bathroom, otherwise level throughout.


From the patio, The Byre has direct access through the back door to the kitchen. There is access from the street up a steep set of steps to the bedroom because the old use was a hay loft. This access is purely ornamental to open the door as a window and not recommended for use in and out of the cottage.

The Dairy Summary

Summary xxxxx


We believe that our cottages are suitable for guests with sufficient mobility to climb a flight of stairs but who would benefit from fixtures and fittings to aid balance.


Cottage in the Dales : Detailed Access Statements


xxxx 2 PDF attachments with detailed access statements xxxxx

The detailed access statement for The Dairy will be available and updated as the cottage nears completion.